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We are an integrated design firm. Our main concern is to solve your design needs in a way that will bring you low maintenance and that your project may endure for a long time. We think actual standards are usually not enough if you want to do things right from the beginning. It is unconceivable for us to try to design something without considering the health of the whole environment. We help our clients save money by taking the adequate decisions for their situations.

José I Castro Barrenengoa

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I have been an autodidact my whole life. I always thrived exploring new challenges. It would be great if we could raise the standard in how things are built in our area, from the beginning, which is, design.



These are some of the reasons why people call on us... If you think we could help you with something else, give us a call.

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Botanical Inventory and Ecosystem Analysis

Before doing anything you should check what is on site. We know and love our local species. We list all the species that inhabit your site and describe ecosystems and biotopes.

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Site evaluation:

Be it for a solar energy project, your orchard, your house, etc., we consider a plethora of aspects in order to evaluate the potential of different sites so you can choose the most convenient one.

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Pre-Purchase Assessment

Wait! don't buy your promised piece of land yet. Give us a call so we can make a technical analysis and help you make your big decision, maybe between many different pieces of land.

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Home Energy Efficiency Advising

If you want do design your home with your architect friend instead of us, we can help you on every technical detail to make it a super efficient home. Quit the firewood habit at last!.

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Whole Project Design

You have a piece of land and want to do something good with it. Get started with us before architects, builders, etc. We help you realize your dream in a whole system design, considering everything from trees to piping, from power to landscaping, from style to functionality.

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House Design

Let's design your house, as architects do, but considering the aspects architects don't. We specialize in functional, small, energy efficient passive-solar houses.

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Touristic Infrastructure Design

One of our expertises is tourism. We think we can really make a difference in this area. It'll certainly be top-of-the-line in sustainability and efficiency.

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Pico-Hidroelectric Potential Assessment and Design

We study the potential of your site for a small hydro project. We tell you how to do it to keep it efficient, cheap, ecofriendly and make it last for long.



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